8 Main Types Of Kitchen Faucets – Basic Info For Best Purchasing

types of kitchen faucets

Kitchen is more than just a room where we cook food, it is a place where we spend valuable time to take care of our family. So, it's very important to choose the greatest tools for your kitchen, especially must-have items like a kitchen faucet.

However, it's more than meets the eye to have the desired one while there are so many models on the recent market. Instead of sticking to a specific faucet style, you'd better learn more about different types and know the advantages as well as disadvantages of each one. Whatever you choose, make sure that it's durable to last long in spite of frequent use.

Here is the list of eight common types of kitchen faucets. Let's take a look at it and decide what best for your kitchen.

8 Main Types of Kitchen Faucets

Pull Out

pull out

If you need to fill large pots, pans or vessels with water, pull out faucets will be really beneficial. Their spray wand can pull out straight to users. Their toggle control makes it easy to switch between the spray and the aerated stream. Most of them can also swivel 360 degrees.

Their spout, which is supported by a hose with a spreading head, offers maximum reach to your kitchen sink. Some latest models's spray heads are occupied with a magnetic docking, which makes sure their heads have a snug fit.

This type of faucet is popular to appear in kitchens that are deficient of sink space. However, it usually needs at least one hole on the sink.

Pull Down

pull down

This is considered as the most basic and popular type of kitchen faucet. Designed in arching shape, these bring a majestic look to any kitchen. We recommend this type for big kitchen sinks. Thanks to their pull down spray wand, they can work great for cleaning dishes and wash veggies.

It's better to choose a 180- or 360-degree movement model. This, in situations, will prevent your large sink from overloading. The biggest drawback that makes pull down kitchen faucets may not be your best choice is their weak water pressure.

Single Handle

Single Handle

These faucets are the preferred model in many kitchens. Their popularity comes from users who aren't pleased with an all-in-one product. Unlike the two previous types, a single-handle kitchen facet requires only a hole to be set up. This makes sure that the whole kitchen faucet system won't be out of order in case one mechanism fails.

Because of this feature, they are also known as single-hose faucets. They're made with a singular lever that allows you to adjust water flow as well as water temperature. Most of them come with low spout apart from the goose neck and long neck spout style. However, it requires a little time to reach the desired temperature water.

Double Handle

This is the oldie known model that clings to our life based on the history rather than its function. It comes with two controllable handles: one for water flow and the other for water temperature. Double handle faucets are divided into three subcategories: double handle with Centerset, double handle with a single hole and double handle with a basin tap.

With Centerset

Double Handle with centerset

Products of this style look great and resemble a kitchen design in a traditional period. Their levers are often built in ceramic. Two handles of them are accessed to a kitchen faucet and above a sink top. Usually, Centerset styled faucets require 3 or more holes to be installed.

With Basin Tap

Double Handle with Basin Tap

These are designed with a separate spout for both cold and hot water, which is connected to each handle. If your kitchens are getting older with the existing basin tap and you want to replace it, you should consider this type.

With Single Hole

Double Handle with Single Hole

In spite of coming with two handles, these faucets require a single hole on a countertop. Instead of being built with separate handles, their handles are accessed to a spout of the kitchen faucet. Therefore, they are choices of people who prefer a separate control for the water temperature.

Touchless/Motion Detection

Touchless faucet

Touchless technology is a big step in a right way of the kitchen product industry. Since touchless faucets are designed to activate automatically when a pot or a vessel is near, you can turn on or off their faucets without pressing any button.

These battery-operated devices are useful in wherever that prefers simplicity, from your kitchen to your company. Although they are new to users, they're very user-friendly, smart and versatile. The biggest drawback might come from their price – mostly expensive than other types.

A soap dispenser that comes with the touchless technique will increase the sanitary result while solving raw food like meats or fishes. That means cooks don’t have to worry about the bacteria penetrating into the kitchen faucets any longer.

You can check out our review of the best touchless kitchen faucets 2017.​

Commercial/Fusion Style

Fusion Style

Being designed with a professional and elegant style, commercial units are known more in the restaurant kitchens than the residential ones. They look like the pull-down faucets in an oversize, but they are more powerful.

They have a long goose neck and super high arch (about 30'') while a multi-option sprayer has a high pressure. These will support mutual to fight any crime. There is a toggle or a large lever that is responsible for controlling spray pattern.

In comparison with other types of faucets on this list, the commercial is the most powerful and durable one.

Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Wall mount faucets are definitely pleased people who seek the antique and rustic feel in their kitchen. They also give themselves a custom look. Being built to be mounted on a wall above the sink, they don't need any deck hole to be installed. Thanks to this, replacing the existing faucet with a new one is easier than ever, which makes it a really good choice when it comes to replacement.

Another advantage is that they help us clean the countertops with ease. If you like a wall mount faucet, you'd better choose an under mount or farmhouse sink without having any faucet hole.

Kitchen Pot Filler Faucets

Kitchen Pot Filler Faucets

This type of kitchen faucet has a very special body. It is capable of swiveling outward and going over a pan or other big items. It's designed to supply users the commercial grade utility. It comes in a vast range of styles, which offers us a variety of choices. The countertop mount version of this allows itself to be used in an island cooktop.

Products of this model are made for mounted wall installation, while some of them can connect to a plumbing system from where they start. Although they're not widely used, they stand out thanks to the uniqueness and versatility.


All these eight types of kitchen faucets are widely available on the market. Hopefully, after reading our post, you know how to choose the best one for your kitchen, depending on your demands and preferences.

Now, it's time to say goodbye. If you have any question, feel free to let us know by leaving your comment in the box below. And if you like our post, don't hesitate to share it with your friends. Enjoy your cooking time!

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