What Is The Best Material For Your Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sink is one of the most useful household tools that appears in every kitchen. Selecting the perfect kitchen sink might be harder than people think, especially for new homeowners. A shiny, nice-looking sink will be the center of attention in your kitchen. But remember, it’s also one of the dirtiest areas in the house. You will need a kitchen sink that is easy to clean and is bacteria resistant. Therefore, what it’s made of actually matters more than how it looks. Nevertheless, there is a variety of materials for kitchen sinks, which makes the decision of buying the right sink even more difficult.

In this post, we have addressed a few key points for choosing the best material for your kitchen sink. Let’s get started!

Best Materials for Your Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel is the most popular material for kitchen sinks on the market. According to Franke - one of the world's leading kitchen solution providers, more than 70 percent of sinks are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel sinks are very durable and they have high resistance to heat and stain. However, they scratch easily and water marks on the surface are very noticeable. Stainless steel sinks are available in a huge variety of types, shapes and sizes which offers a wide range of options for customers.

stainless steel kitchen sink

Many people believe that a thicker gauge steel makes a better sink, but this is not actually right. A study from Consumer Reports shows that the gauge has little to do with the performance of the sink. However, a heavy sink might reduce noise and is more dent resistance.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are quite noisy. Many latest models feature spray coatings or sound absorbing pads on the bottom to reduce the noise. These sound absorbing pads are proven to be the best solution for the noise problem. Still, they are a bit louder than sinks made of other materials so we suggest you consider this thoroughly before buying a stainless steel sink. They cost between $100 and $600.

Granite Composite Sinks

granite composite kitchen sink

While stainless steel sinks are vulnerable to scratches and water spots on the surfaces, granite composite sinks are on the contrary. Many claimed that these sinks are the best option when it comes to durability and resilience to scratch. They are also very good-looking. However, you should be careful when moving and placing these sinks, as granite stone can easily be cracked if they are dropped. Remember to check if there is any damage done to your sink when it is delivered.

If you like neutral colors then granite composite sink is a great choice. Black, grey and brown are among the most popular colors for granite sinks. These neutral colors could hide the dirt on the surface perfectly. To be honest, this saves us a lot of time since we don’t need to clean our kitchen sink regularly. The price for granite compose sinks varies from $200 to $500, which is considered affordable for these beautiful sinks.

Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay sinks (also known as ceramic sinks) are made from clay fired at an extremely high temperature (from 1600 degrees F to 2000 degrees F) for an extended period up to 20 hours. For those who are looking for a white kitchen sink, fireclay sink would be the ideal option.

fireclay kitchen sink

Fireclay sinks are super long-lasting with scratchy-resistant features so that you don’t need to spend time washing them routinely. And it is also very easy to clean, all you need is a sponge and a little of dish soap to get rid of stains, dirt and bacteria from its surface. It only takes a few minutes to make your sink look like new.

Fireclay sinks come in several models, sizes, installations and shapes. They’re frequently related to farmhouse sinks which are commonly known apron sinks. Some consumers decide to choose a fireclay sink as it adds a traditional look to their kitchen. Fireclay sinks are quite expensive as they usually cost more than $400 and can up to $1000.

Cast Iron Sinks

Cast iron is one of the oldest materials used for kitchen sinks. Despite its age, cast iron still appears in many kitchen products on the market today. Cast iron sinks are coated in a heavy porcelain enamel finish to prevent the iron from rusting. This enamel is heated to fuse with the bare iron and it does a great job keeping the sink from scratching. That being said, when the finish chips, the exposed iron is likely to rust very quickly.

cast iron kitchen sink

These enamel layers are suitable for daily using, and they are immensely tough. They are also very easy to clean, you don't need to spend too much effort washing them. It is quite hard to notice water spots on the surface of cast iron sinks. Nonetheless, cast iron sinks are heavy and it can cause some problems in the process of installation. Make sure you have a good set up before you decide to buy one.

Cast iron sinks offer a wide array of choice for colors, but white is the most popular. This type of kitchen sinks available in a reasonable price range from $200 to $500. This is a great alternative for those who desire a white kitchen sink but can’t afford to buy a fireclay one.

Our Pick​

If you find it hard to make a choice, here is our recommendation. From our point of view, we prefer using a stainless steel kitchen sink as it offers various benefits for users. First of all, stainless steel is a long-lasting material that won’t crack, chip or wear out. With the first-rate stainless steel, it does not discolor or blemish for a long usage. Additionally, a stainless steel sink does not require maintenance regularly.

Thirdly, these sinks come in almost every style from traditional to modern design, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will suit your kitchen or not. You will be surprised to know that this material could also be recycled, which is a great news for environment lovers. Last but not least, stainless steel kitchen sinks varies from $100 to $600, which is affordable for most homeowners, especially those with average income.

kitchen sink


After having an overall insight into various kitchen sink’s material, it’s time you decided what’s best for your kitchen. Although we choose stainless steel as the best material, we strongly suggest everyone to read this post thoroughly and make your own decision. Each material has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it is best that you make a list of criteria you’d like to have with your sink and decide your budget. We are confident that you will find the perfect sink for your needs. The decision is yours, good luck! If you have any question, feel free to let us know by leaving your comment below.

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